What do you worship?

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What do you worship?

Post by Jessie » Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:29 pm

In the first of my posts capturing thoughts that, I think, could potentially lead to Third Factor themes or articles, I wanted to ask you this question: what do you worship?

This got lodged in my mind when someone raised the point that everyone worships something. This was tied up with the "social justice vs. free speech" fights on the likes of Twitter. Personally, I'm for both of those things, but in the particular manifestation that's going on at present, I find myself siding with the free speech group somewhat more often. To discuss whether I'm right or not isn't the point of this thread (but please feel free to start another thread if you want to do that :D ). Rather, I thought it would be interesting to discuss what people's values are that lead them to take one side over the other in this debate (and how these values manifest differently depending on the circumstances or the details).

But why did I say "worship"? This all comes in the context of, I think, Jung's notion that if you take away people's gods, they will just worship something else. (I may be misremembering that or getting the gist wrong, but the point is to discuss ideas, not to "get the right answer.") And I thought there was something to this. Humans generally want to be "part of something larger than ourselves," as they say, and being part of that -- worshipping that Greater Thing, whatever it is -- guides much of our action.

This, it seems, is directly related to Dabrowski's concept of hierarchization -- and the personality ideal!

But what do you think?

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