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Article & Theme Ideas

Post by Jessie » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:20 pm

Hello everyone!

So, here's a thread that I hope will stir up some conversation, because it's your chance to have a very real impact on Third Factor. I want to know what you want to see here!

And to that end, I thought I'd toss out a whole bunch of ideas that I think would be fun to write about. These ideas are meant to both help me decide what I should write about based on your interest, and to inspire you to contribute your own writing. If a topic generates enough interest from both readers and potential writers, then I'll prioritize that theme for sure.

(A note about issue themes: though they're fun and get people thinking, you can always submit an idea for an article to me, and if it's good, I'll fit it into an issue whether it "matches" the other articles or not.)

Spirituality and Reintegration
Potential sub-themes: grief, positive disintegration through the lens of various faiths, spiritual intelligence

Politics: Economics, Social Justice, Free Speech, Etc.
Basically, anything relevant to today's political debates, but tied somehow to being a "human catalyst" and affecting positive change in the world. Note that I encourage people to chime in from wherever they are on the political spectrum. I won't say "anything goes," but anything that balances intellectual and emotional overexcitability in a constructive way has a fair shot.

Maladjustment to the Internet
Technology may be improving our lives in many ways, but there are also costs. Social media stresses people out. Kids are on screens all the time. Et cetera. These may or may not be huge problems in your eyes, but there's certainly a lot to be both positively and negatively maladjusted to on the Internet these days.

Personal Stories
This theme is much bigger than a single issue; in fact, our next two issues will include several of these! It's such a broad category, really, that I should consider breaking it down further:
* Memoirs of disintegrative experiences
* Biographical works on modern and historical overexcitable people (including even some negative examples -- e.g. "one-sided development" and why Dabrowski thought it was bad, exemplars of healthy leadership, etc.)

Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis
I'm sure this one would be a hit and I KNOW there are people out there reading this who have stories others would like to read! Though I grant that this can be a tough thing to talk about under your real name. Pseudonyms are an option here. But personally, I'm fascinated by the concept of Low Latent Inhibition and how it might relate to OE and disintegration. Then there's all sorts of other stuff about 2e issues and why those labels do or do not fit you. (I have heard some interesting stories about people being urged to join "team ADHD" or "team autism" but really, that wasn't what was going on with them at all.) I also would love to explore more neuroscience, building on our explanation of dopamine -- I'm going to research other neurotransmitters at some point, though I'd love to defer to an expert him/herself if there's one out there!

In this past issue, with our exploration of gender dysphoria in trans men and detransitioned women, we just hit the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more to be said here. I'm going to post another thread for discussion of that topic because I want to encourage conversation here in particular, but it still belongs on this list.

Not just romantic, but friendships, family roles, etc. Loads of space here for exploring Dabrowski's theory, it seems to me!

This seems abstract, I know, but there's so much here that could matter to overexcitable people and stories of disintegration. Home. Travel. Cultural differences. Expat experiences. Literal and figurative journeys. I'm certain that travel has been a source of reintegration for many already! (We have a story touching on this coming up in the May/June issue, for starters, but I bet we could come up with more.)

I could come up with more ideas, but this is enough for now, I think! And to be sure, the goal would be to show something at least tangentially related to positive disintegration in all of these topics. If you're not sure if you can do that, don't sweat it; I'd still like to hear your ideas. But if you're comfortable talking about dynamisms and disintegration and all that, then that gets you bonus points!

So, do you want to read about any of these in particular?
Do you want to WRITE about any of these? :) (If so: you can contact me privately to discuss ideas through this form or through my email address, which I can convey to you privately.)
And what other themes would interest you? Feel free to muse about any ideas in this thread.

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