Third Factor Goes Bimonthly

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Third Factor Goes Bimonthly

Post by Jessie » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:42 am

Hello everyone!

A small announcement, if you're wondering where Issue Five is: ... bimonthly/

Going bimonthly really is returning to the original plan. We got a little over-optimistic about how many articles we'd receive, and how much work we and our authors could get done, after our first theme, which didn't turn out to be representative.

I'm sorry I haven't been engaging here! To be honest, one of my hopes was that during these times when I'm swamped, people who still want to talk about these ideas will have a place to find other people with whom to converse. I have multiple interviews for two separate pieces that I'm processing/conducting right now. I hope you all will enjoy them when they're published in January. :)

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