What got you interested in TPD?

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What got you interested in TPD?

Post by Jessie » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:34 am

If you didn't already share this in your introductory post, I'm curious: what got all of you interested in positive disintegration?

Anyone here discover it by stumbling onto Third Factor for some external reason? (We do intend to have many articles that don't directly discuss TPD, as it's certainly possible to live the experience and its various concepts without ever having heard of the theory!)

I'm one of those people who stumbled across it by looking for information on what happened to kids who used to be in gifted programs and how many went on to do "interesting" things with their lives. The definition of giftedness is a whole separate issue (one that would be fun to discuss here!) but this search did lead me to discover overexcitability, and I, like so many, immediately related to it. But the more I read, the more it became clear that at least for adults, the rest of the theory is where the real interesting stuff is.

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Re: What got you interested in TPD?

Post by Greenfinger » Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:20 pm

I found Positive disintegration in a facebook post. I reflect on this a lot actually. I basically consider facebook a shallow form of entertainment, much like TV. Nothing of real value, just nonsense and the daily happenings of friends and family. The irony that something I consider fairly superficial should lead me to a profound understanding of self. As I stumbled clumsily through a Wikipedia article on Dąbrowski I immediately wanted to know more about OE. Reading about these traits in a Seng article I was dumbfounded. It's as if someone had plucked me out of obscurity and wrote about me.
From that point I needed to know more, need is not used lightly here. I had a profound need. I have bought several books on OE, disintegration, high sensitivity. Since then I have been trying desperately to attain any and all knowledge I can find on the subject which included joining a few groups on facebook who are also focused on self discovery.
My journey began decades ago, now I have a flashlight.

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